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CM School Supply

CM School Supply has been a family owned company since 1972. Founded in Anaheim, CA by an elementary school teacher, Jacqueline Rajcic. With the help of her husband Ronald, she fulfilled her dream to combine all the latest educational materials into one place. Their sons Jeff, Steve, and Scott have since continued the tradition of helping the educational world, "One Child At A Time". CM School Supply is not just another educational supply company, we have a comprehensive selection of educational materials and school supplies for ages ranging from infant to the 8th grade. Our Superstores are innovative and fun! Through the years we have developed a reputation of high quality materials, wide selection, and customer service you can always count on.

Pacific Oaks College & Children's School

Pacific Oaks College is a nonprofit, accredited high education institution offering bachelor's completion and master's programs in human development, couseling, education, early childhood education, and teacher credentialing.  The school offers classes at its main campus in Pasadena and at a number of convenient instructional sites throughout California, as well as online.  Founded 70 years ago by a small group of Quaker families, Pacific Oaks College has remained dedicated to the fundamental Quaker principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being.

Wyland Foundation

Founded by renowned environmental artist Wyland, the Wyland Foundation has helped children and families around the nation to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education, and live events. The foundation gives children the tools they need to become more creative, positive, and solution-oriented. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has worked directly with more than one million children since its inception in 1993.

 ETA hand2mind

There's a moment that teachers live for. It's the moment when a student's eyes light up as he or she finally solves a tough problem. It's an "aha!" moment, and it wouldn't be possible without creativity, preparation, and a passion for teaching.

At ETA hand2mind, we live for that moment, too. In fact, we have been helping teachers create these moments for more than 40 years. We know that hands-on learning is the key to creating a million moments like that every day, in every classroom across the country.

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Kaplan Early Learning Company offers a wide array of products and services to serve the Early Childhood classroom. Our curricula, assessments, educational materials and professional development topics are created to enhance the education of young children and spark their creativity and imagination. Stop by the booth to check out our latest technology.

Kodo Kids

Kodo Kids is devoted to enriching the lives of children.  This is our mission, our livelihood and most of all, our passion! 

In today's world, children have less opportunity to think deeply and innovate creatively.  Experiences which cultivate these skills sets are largely absent in early education, at the age which these skills are most critical.  Kodo kids seeks to help provide these experiences through playful, open-ended products which promote intentional learning, investigative personalities and out of the box problem solving.  Through these experiences, the foundation for lifelong curiosity and development of the whole child is cultivated.

The Kodo Kids team puts the child first in everything we do.  We fully embrace and do not deviate from the philosophy of learning through relevant play experiences.  Children have an instinctual urge to explore and discover, which they achieve through play.  We strive to provide tools and resources for the Early Childhood Education classroom which cultivate the opportunity for kids to think deeply and creatively, and foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


National Inventors Hall of Fame

We believe our role is to not only honor the individuals whose inventions have made the world a better place, but also to ensure American ingenuity continues to thrive in the hands of coming generations. This belief drives our mission: to recognize inventors and invention, celebrate our country’s rich, innovative history, inspire creativity, and advance the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

True to our mission, we don’t just talk the innovation talk, we walk the innovation walk by reinventing what a Hall of Fame, a museum, or even what a monument can be and do. Instead of being defined by the past, we invest in the future. We continue to push the limits and challenge ourselves to be a dynamic organization that comes to life in classrooms, curricula, and competitions throughout the country. In partnership with over 1,300 schools and districts nationwide, we connect inventors to creative minds of all ages to provide these future leaders with the experiences and tools they need to help them realize their innovative potential.

Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore provides early learning STEM materials that blend seamlessly into existing centers and curriculums.  Designed to appeal to children of all interest levels and learning styles, our STE products allow students to explore, experiment and a level that's just right for them and their teachers!

Tout About Toys

Tout About Toys is dedicated to offer the highest quality of educational and innovative products that will assist in the growth of children and youth.  Our mission is to spark the imagination, instill learning through play, and foster the development of children and youth in all aspects. Our goal is to provide you with materials and services that will enhance children and their learning experience. We have products that range from infants & toddlers through high school, that can help achieve each unique child’s developmental milestones and reach their educational goals.

Tout About Toys is known for providing personal and professional service, interactive school supplies, great manipulative toys and games, and a full line of furniture and equipment to schools and families for over twenty-five years.  We research the market thoroughly and take great pride in choosing only the very best in early childhood, school age, and teacher materials- many of which are a challenge to find. As a result we can offer a complete and unique line of learning materials for infant/toddler, preschool, school-age children, teachers, and families!

KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab Robotics emerged from a need to make widely available Marina Umaschi Bers’ research on new technologies for young children at Tufts University.

Marina grew frustrated when presenting her work at conferences and always being asked: “How can I get a robotic kit?” and not having a good answer.

During a walk in Walden Pond, near Boston, her friend Mitch Rosenberg, veteran executive at several robotics start-ups, decided to join forces to fulfill an old-dream of his: improving STEM education.

Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is the brainchild of Laura Bilodeau Overdeck. While not a professional teacher, she does know something about numbers. As a kid she sat and memorized perfect squares for fun, back before it was cool. As a mom, she (along with her husband John) started giving math problems to their two older kids; when their 2-year-old started hollering for his own math problem, they knew they were onto something, and Bedtime Math was born. Laura holds a BA in astrophysics from Princeton University, and an MBA in public policy from the Wharton School. When not playing with numbers, Laura pursues her other interests, which include chocolate, wine, extreme gravity stunts, and Lego Mindstorms.

School Specialty

School Specialty provides over 110,000 educational products from the most trusted brands nationwide, including Crayola, 3M, Elmer’s and our own proprietary brands such as Childcraft, Sax, EPS, Califone, and Frey, among others.

We provide innovative products and programs to the Educational Marketplace, servicing the needs of teachers and schools to ensure students of all ages receive the scholastic support they need to advance their learning and reach their full potential.  From early childhood through high school and beyond, we are committed to providing our customers with the breadth and depth of educational knowledge and resources they need, serving as the one-stop industry solution.  It is this commitment to service and our tailored offerings which set us apart.


Artfelt Puppets, Pieces & Props designs, manufactures and retails adorable, coloroful, quality, curriculum-based felt-board products.  They are dynamic teaching tools that bring magic and drama to early childhood STEM, language, literature, art and music.  Teachers love them!  Children's can't get enough of them!  Storytellers treasure them!

Enhancing Literacy:Felt Stories and Song Props

As a preschool teacher, I have first-hand experience of what engages students in the classroom.  My handmade felt stories and song props will enchance language and literacy skills in your students to help them succeed in school.  Teachers expereience many budget challenges.  My products are teacher affordable while also remaining beautifully detailed.

Community Playthings

Community Playthings manufactures quality wooden furniture and educational play equipment for the early childhood through school age classroom. We help you to create an environment that welcomes children into a space of beauty, simplicity, and stability, where they can explore, discover and learn through play.

 English and Spanish Felt Stories and Songs

This is a place where teachers can build a greater network by sharing their ideas and experiences, such as bulletin boards, classroom decor, and activities. In this network, we will allow creativity to show its full potential to teachers worlwide by giving them inside information that will reveal new ideas and show teachers how to cut corners in order to enhance their teaching experience.


KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to bringing balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America.

Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply® had its beginning in a small retail store selling educational products. Founder Ron Elliott had creative ideas about how he could supply more products to respond to teachers' needs. The Discount School Supply catalog was born.

The original focus was simple, offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, supported by an extraordinary level of service. Today, you'll find that focus has not changed.

Over the years we have continuously expanded our offerings and improved our service to meet your changing needs. Today, the Discount School Supply website offers the most comprehensive presentation of our products in addition to a wide variety of content resources for teachers and parents. We understand that good service is more than having items in stock when your order is placed and shipping those orders as quickly as possible, so we continue to support our customers with a US based staff of knowledgeable and friendly sales specialists that are available to you via phone or online chat.

At Discount School Supply® we understand that you want the best for your children, which is why day in and day out you give your best to them. We believe that it is because of incredible educators like you, the next generation will grow and learn so much more than we’ll ever know. All of our employees share in that passion, as we have for almost three decades. With that focus, we take pride in doing our part to contribute to better education and a better future for children and their families.

We know that you have a choice of suppliers, and we appreciate your choosing Discount School Supply.

Dream Big Science & Art

Dream Big Science & Art is an award winning company that combines the importance of STEM and Imagination. Our mission is to create the foundation & environment where a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social capacities can be discovered instinctively.

Throughout the years, we have proven success, using a balanced approach and an established methodology with children ages 2 to 8 for building a sturdy foundation for learning.   

Our educational workshops, events and products are centered around the philosophy that open- ended play builds imagination and facilitates in the nurturing of early creativity.  

Our services for schools, libraries, teachers and administrators include Professional Development, Educational Children’s Workshops and more.

We offer services for families and parents with our themed STEM- focused Birthday parties and events for your child.


Nasco has over 20 different catalogs offering over 96,000 unique items to meet the needs of teachers in 16 different educational subject areas, farmers and ranchers, and industry. In addition to serving customers in all 50 states, Nasco’s unique blend of products for education, healthcare, agriculture, and industry appeals to customers in over 180 countries.


Kohburg has become the world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of safe and quality, institutional furnishings for all educational environments.

Originating from Bavaria, Germany, the small town of Coburg is best known for its innovative and contemporary, architectural and furniture designs dating back to the early 1050s. Due to its royal connections among the royal houses of Europe, Coburg was the center of many royal Ducal weddings and visits; directly influencing its highly fashionable, elegant design styles and skilled craftsmanship.

Kohburg, Inc. has brought its rich tradition to the United States to infuse early childhood educational furnishings with contemporary and refined styling, partnered with unparalleled quality and safety to enhance the aesthetic presentation and durability of each and any classroom.