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 2014 ECSTEM Conference


Presenter(s) Materials
Adriana Olivera and Cindy Nelsen Developing Curriculum with a Social & Emotional Lens
How Curriculum Creates Culture
Creating Community with Families From the Beginning
Flow of the Day
Carrie Lynne Draper 1st Grade Moon Challenge
Appendix I – Engineering Design in the NGSS
Collaborating for Communication
Don't Forget Families
Early Childhood Misconceptions
Early Education in Engineering and Design
Early Years STEM of Inquiry Article
Engineering Design
Facebook Engineer Turns 5 Year Olds into Hackers
Family Style Engineering
Girder and Panel Building Toy
How Lego is Constructing the Next Generation of Engineers
Kids Ahead – The Shallows Activities – Building Beaches
Kinder Explores Inventions
Kindergarten Assessment NSTA
Lesson Stomata
Makerspace Playbook
Nature Essential for the Brain
Next Generation Science Standards
Parent Involvement
Pixar Engineers Leave to Build Real World Living Toys
Project-Based Engineering for Kids
Research Links
Rock Lesson TEACHER SCRIPT for 3rd Grade
Rock'in with Third Grade
Science Notebooks 1-30-2008
Science Art
Scientific & Engineering for K-12
Shadow Play Lab
STEM Confident Teachers
STEM Teacher Learning Journeys
Straw Rockets
Strong STEM Needs Strong Sprouts
Technology to Best Fit the Need
Think BIG
Unlocking the Power of Observation
Websites Worth Checking Out
Whacky Weather
Cathy Topal Explorations in Art – Kindergarten
Overview of Thinking with a Line
Thinking and Creating with a Line
Chris Hume and Diane Spahn The ‘E' in STEM – Defining Engineering in the Early Childhood Experience
Douglas Clements Building Blocks of Early Mathematics Cover
The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics
Susan Wood, Ellen Kokha, Sherry Hoffman, and Todd Erlandson 10 Ways to Engage Your Architect
Beyond Structure, Space, and Materials…
Follow Your Vision: Inspiration for Dreamers
Inspiration, Innovation, and Change!
Making STEM Visible and Accessible for ALL Children
M)Arch Branded Architectures
Jean Barbre Math Play – How Young Children Approach Math
Thinking Outside the Blocks: Integrating Research-based Activities with STEM
Jennifer Montgomery and Michelle Moen Books you Can Count On
Kenneth Wesson Brain-STEM: Powerful Learning for Developing Minds
STEM: Leading the Way in Active Learning for Curious Young Minds
Maria Bartolini Bambini Che Contano: A Long Term Program for Preschool Teachers DevelopmentConstruction and Representation of Space in 5-Year-Old Children – Ch. 22
Numbers (and space) in Pre-primary Schools
The Early Construction of Mathematical Meanings – Ch. 20
Semiotic Meditation in the Mathematics Classroom
Mary Pollman Blocks and Beyond: Strengthening Early Math and Science through Spatial Development
Steven Erwin STEM – Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Whitney Cohen Bean Babies
Container Seeds
Educational Gardens for Preschool Sites
A Home for Worms
Life Lab
Note-Taking Guide
Seed Starting and Transplanting
Solar Tea
Sowing the Seeds of Wonder: The ECE Garden
What's in the Box