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2018 ECSTEM Fall Symposium


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PBS SoCaL is dedicated to educating, entertaining and enlightening viewers throughout the greater Los Angeles region on all media platforms. PBS SoCaL Education serves parents, teachers, and students on-air, online, and through community engagement.

Our major education and engagement initiatives include Ready to Learn and American Graduate, focusing on cradle to career support and resources. PBS SoCaL Education engages audiences across three major platforms: in the home, in the classroom, and in the community.

Pacific Oaks College

Pacific Oaks College is a nonprofit, accredited high education institution offering bachelor's completion and master's programs in human development, couseling, education, early childhood education, and teacher credentialing.  The school offers classes at its main campus in Pasadena and at a number of convenient instructional sites throughout California, as well as online.  Founded 70 years ago by a small group of Quaker families, Pacific Oaks College has remained dedicated to the fundamental Quaker principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being.

 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.

Panda Restaurant Group, the world leader in Asian dining expereinces and parent company of Panda Inn, Panda Express and Hibachi-San, is dedicated to becoming a world leader in people development.  Whether trhough sharing good food with guests or providing opportunities for professional and personal growth with associates, all are embraced in a genuine family environment that is uniquely Panda.


Kohburg has become the world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of safe and quality, institutional furnishings for all educational environments.

Originating from Bavaria, Germany, the small town of Coburg is best known for its innovative and contemporary, architectural and furniture designs dating back to the early 1050s. Due to its royal connections among the royal houses of Europe, Coburg was the center of many royal Ducal weddings and visits; directly influencing its highly fashionable, elegant design styles and skilled craftsmanship.

Kohburg, Inc. has brought its rich tradition to the United States to infuse early childhood educational furnishings with contemporary and refined styling, partnered with unparalleled quality and safety to enhance the aesthetic presentation and durability of each and any classroom.

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Kaplan Early Learning Company provides developmentally appropriate educational products to families and we are a total solution for early childhood educators - offering everything from cribs to your infant/toddler classrom, to curricula for your preschool classroom, and family engagement materials for your elementary classroom.

 Tufts Early Childhood Technology Certificate Program

The Tufts Early Childhood Technology (ECT) certificate program is designed for educators and practioners working with young children in pre-kindergarten through second grade in diverse educational settings such as schools, museums, libraries, and daycares.  The program will develop students' knowledge and skills in technology and engineering with a focus on early childhood.

Kodo Kids

Kodo Kids is devoted to enriching the lives of children.  This is our mission, our livelihood and most of all, our passion!

We are known worldwide for creating innovative educational tools and equipment.  Our team includes skilled designers, engineers, educators, and craftsmen who are genuinely focused on children's learning and work hard each day to meet the needs of classroom teachers.

We recognize that children have a natural proclivity to explore, inquire, and investigate.  Kodo materials invite open-ended problem solving, complex experimentation, invention, collaboration with peers, and both critical and creative thinking.  Our products and services are designed to foster learning through play, increase opportunities for meaningful adult-child interactions, and cultivate a community of innovate thinkers.

The Children and Families Commission of Orange County

The Children and Families Commission of Orange County oversees the allocation of funds from Proposition 10, which added a 50-cent tax on tobacco products sold in California. Almost $32 million was allocated in fiscal year 2016/17 to fund programs where almost two-million services were provided to children ages 0-5. Funds help pay for early education, pediatric primary and specialty health care, children's dental, homeless prevention, and child development programs for children from the prenatal stage to age 5 and their families. The Commission's vision is that all children are healthy and ready to learn. For more information, please visit

Shanghai Hua Guo

Hua Guo was founded in Shanghai, China with a focus on audio-visual product creation and design for children's education laboratories and showrooms.  In recent years, Hua Guo has explored the field of early childhood education with a focus on STEM and serves as a liaison to Chinese government authorities and Universities, as well as early childhood education instiutions. 

Starting in 2017, Hua Guo partnered with ECSTEM International to train hundreds of early childhood educators in China to help them bring STEM curriculum to their classrooms, and to develop state of the art early childhood STEM laboratories across Shanghai.

We are very excited to be working ECSTEM International, bringing quality STEM opportunities to children across China!

 Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore provides early learning STEM materials that blend seamlessly into existing centers and curriculums.  Designed to appeal to children of all interest levels and learning styles, our STEM products allow students to explore, experiment and a level that's just right for them and their teachers!

 The Bales Foundation

The Bales Family Foundation is committed to scholarship, programs and activities that improve the environments and experiences that shape human development.  Recognizing that access to quality environments and experiences is not equally distrubted, the Foundation is especially interested in supporting projects that advance more equitable access.  The Foundation also invests in projects that provide a safer space for nonprofit innovation, including the application of new technologies and strategies for social change.

 FrameWorks Institute

An independent nonprofit organization founded in 1999, FrameWorks has become known for its development of Strategic Frame Analysis ™, which roots communications practice in the cognitive and social sciences. FrameWorks designs, conducts, and publishes multi-method, multi-disciplinary communications research to empirically identify the most effective ways of reframing social and scientific topics. The Institute also offers strategic guidance and a variety of professional learning opportunities for advocates, scientists, policymakers, and nonprofit leaders. Through this applied communications research and knowledge translation process, FrameWorks prepares nonprofit organizations to expand their constituency base, to build public will, and to further public understanding of specific social issues.

The Columbia Memorial Space Center

The Columbia Memorial Space Center, located in Downey, California, is a hands-on learning center dedicated to bringing the wonder and excitement of science and innovation to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Through world-class programs and engaging exhibits, the Space Center strives to ignite a community of critical and creative thinkers.


Pretend City Children's Museum

Pretend City Children's Museum is "the world in a nut-shell." It is designed for children to learn how the real world works.

The museum is a child-size interconnected city built with rich educational intention, where children can assume various real-world roles.

Through interactive exhibits and activities facilitated by highly trained professional staff, children learn foundational math, reading and science skills while fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Discovery Cube Orange County

Hands-on science education that delights, challenges, and encourages kids? The Discovery Science Foundation has made a positive difference in thousands of lives for 35 years. The foundation achieves this goal through four core initiatives: STEM proficiency, early childhood education, healthy living, and environmental stewardship. These future-forward initiatives inspire educators, their students, and all of us committed to learning for life.

Our original center in Orange County, as well as our newer Los Angeles and Newport Beach campuses, gives those seeking immersive, interactive science activities a way to jump into the learning fun. In addition to our campuses, educational outreach programs remain a major part of our mission. Bringing a host of experiences directly to learners is essential to achieving the foundation's core initiatives. It's a mission that also includes empowering real-world application by giving learners a chance to make a difference. This vision has made the foundation a prominent advocate for modern science education over the years. Spotlighting science as a solution and as a force for good is what the Discovery Science Foundation so successfully does.

The Children's Museum at La Habra

It is our mission at The Children's Museum at La Habra to encourage enthusiasm about learning in a hands-on environment that opens the world even to the youngest child.