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The ECSTEM Conference IMAGINE, QUESTION, INNOVATE will be held February 2-3, 2018 at the Anaheim Marriott.  Our ​7th ​Annual ​Conference ​features ​a ​two ​day ​event. ​ ​Beginning ​with ​a ​DESTINATION ​FRIDAY (transportation not provided), ​attendees ​will ​visit ​four children’s ​museums ​that ​align ​with ​early ​childhood ​STEM ​education. ​ ​A ​Friday ​Panel ​of ​Experts ​Event ​will ​be ​held ​in ​the ​evening ​with ​hors ​d'oeuvres ​and ​a cocktail ​hour (additional fee). ​ ​ ​Saturday ​will ​be ​a ​day ​full ​of ​workshops ​that ​attendees ​can ​customize ​to ​their ​liking! ​ ​



2018 Keynote Speaker:

Julia R. Greer, Ph.D.
Professor of Materials Science, Medical Engineering, and Mechanics
California Institute of Technology

Greer’s research focuses on creating and characterizing new classes of materials that utilize the combination of 3-dimensional architectures with nanoscale-induced material properties. These nano-architected meta-materials have multiple applications as biomedical devices, battery electrodes, and lightweight structural materials and provide a rich “playground” for fundamental science. Greer has S.B. in Chemical Engineering (minor in Advanced Music Performance) from MIT in 1997, Ph.D. in Materials Science from Stanford, worked at Intel (2000-03) and was a post-doc at PARC (2005-07).

Julia joined Caltech in 2007 and currently is a full professor with appointments in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Engineering. Greer has over 100 publications; she was recently named a Vannevar-Bush Faculty Fellow (2016) and CNN’s 20/20 Visionary (2016), she was selected as a Midwest Mechanics lecturer (2015), and her work was recognized among Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies by MIT’s Technology Review (2015). She was a Gilbreth Lecturer at the National Academy of Engineering (2015), is a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum (2014) and is a recipient of multiple awards: Kavli Early Career (2014), Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship (2013), Society of Engineering Science Young Investigator (2013), TMS Early Career Faculty (2013), NASA Early Career Faculty (2012), Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2012), ASME Early Career (2011), DOE Early Career (2011), TMS’s Young Leaders (2010), DARPA’s Young Faculty (2009), Technology Review’s TR-35, (2008), and NSF’s CAREER (2007). Greer serves as an Associated Editor of Nano Letters and on the Board of Reviewing Editors for Science. She is also a concert pianist, with recent performances of “nanomechanics rap” with MUSE/IQUE, solo piano recitals and chamber concerts (2007-present), and as a soloist of Brahms Concerto No. 2 with Redwood Symphony (2006).




ECSTEM 2017 is the launch site for a powerful new tool designed especially for conference attendees to use in their communities.  Join us at the Friday evening reception and experience it for yourself!

Share the Science®: STEM exposes viewers to a virtual community garden, where they can experience learning about science, technology, engineering and math through the eyes of a young child. It was created in response to discussions at the 2016 Early Childhood STEM Conference in California (ECSTEM), where teachers shared their frustration with explaining the benefits of early STEM education. Using translational research from the FrameWorks Institute on how Americans think about STEM, this new tool is designed to help educators and advocates for early STEM learning share their perspectives with greater success.

This is the second in a series of virtual reality (VR) experiences created by FrameWorks, the Bales Family Foundation, and Otherworld Interactive. Share the Science ®: Climate Change offers a virtual field trip under the ocean and into the heat-trapping blanket of CO2. Both experiences draw on FrameWorks’ research on how to engage people in complex scientific phenomena; download them for free at



2018 Panel of Experts:


Jean Barbre, Ed.D.

CA Preschool Instructional Networks, Region 9 Lead Early Childhood Education Coordinator Orange County Department of Education Author, Foundations of Responsive Caregiving Infants, Toddlers, and Twos and Activities for Responsive Caregiving Infants Toddlers, and Twos

Lauren Kaye, M.A.

Chief Officer of Learning Environments

Kidspace Children's Museum

Jayanti Tambe, M.A.

Faculty, De Anza College

Author, The Art of Math and Science 


 Susan Wood, M.A.

Executive Director

The Children's Center at Caltech

Adjunct Faculty, Pasadena City College


Our Moderator:

Carrie Lynne Draper, M.Ed

Founder and Executive Director, Readiness Learning Associates






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